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Melvin Fraenk

{I am a musician and my body is the instrument}

CEO / Artistic Director / Choreographer / Teacher / Dancer / Coach


Melvin Fraenk is the founder of ArtBeat Amsterdam (MF New Art Movement), which has its roots in 1997. He graduated at the Amsterdam School of Arts where he studied School For New Dance Development (choreography) with the specialization Jazz Musical. He currently works as teacher, choreographer, mentor, core team member and member of the examination board at the Dance Teacher Department. He has recently been appointed as member for the College Council of the Amsterdam School of Arts. “ArtBeat is the artistic platform where I can express and share my fantasy and creativity with others.”

Vision & Style

As a choreographer, dancer, creative artist and teacher, Melvin aims at the development of new techniques by merging and matching them with already existing styles. “My objective is to be a leading artist who contributes to the innovation and development of the contemporary artistic sector.” By taking on collaborations with various art disciplines Melvin challenges himself to constant renewal. “ArtBeat is a professionalization of my passion, hobby and life. It is a way for myself and generations hereafter to achieve permanent changes.

Music, Body, Mind, Life is Movement, Beat the Movement


Melvin’s biggest source of inspiration and motivation for his choreographies are Timbaland and Missy Elliot. “After watching Missy Elliot’s first music video back in 1997 I started making choreographies and I took Timbaland’s music and vision as a guideline for my own development. It is my life’s purpose to eventually collaborate with Missy Elliot and Timbaland. It is a dream I have had since the birth of ArtBeat and with this company I hope to make this dream come true.”

Melvin & ArtBeat Amsterdam

Melvin is the founder of ArtBeat Amsterdam and will operate as choreographer, dancer, teacher, coach, creative artist, artistic leader and concept developer. Through sharing of knowledge and networks Melvin wants to create an international platform on which the artist can maintain his authenticity and qualities. “Because of my unique background I function as an example as well as a leading artist within the company. By transforming my qualities into professional services, projects and productions I contribute to the development and innovation of the artistic sector on a longer term.” Within ArtBeat Melvin will have a permanent initiating function for current and future generations.

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Anne Suurendonk

{My work is about submission and desire; the will to fight, sexual desire, but most of all lust for life}

Co Founder / Choreographer / Dancer / Teacher

Anne Suurendonk

Anne Suurendonk was born on May 6th 1988 in Amsterdam. Anne is choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance. She has studied at the Jazz/Musical Department at the Amsterdam School of Arts. “After my study at the Amsterdam School of Arts I started searching for my own way of moving in order to express myself better. I explored with new, personal movements and shapes by listening to what music told me and by translating that to and with my own body.”

Vision & Style

In recent years Anne developed a great passion for choreography. That dance is a way to communicate, to tell something, to share, to bring up emotions has always been the basic assumption. “I want my choreographies to be an experience for my audience, something that immerses you, like a movie. It’s also important to see the person behind the dancer and his vulnerability. There can be a place for recognition and sympathy with what is shown. It does not have to be ‘pretty’, sometimes it should better by ‘ugly’, like life sometimes is.”

Anne’s work is about emotions, about music and it’s power to express emotions. Her work is about submission and desire; the will to fight, sexual desire, but most of all lust for life. “My personal signature can be find in the language of dance and the application and approach of music.”


Anne mainly works with contemporary music and her dances are strongly influenced by this. “I analyze, translate to my own body and try to encounter music. My goal is to amplify each other, the music by the dance as well as the other way around, in order to enhance and intensify.”

She has developed a great passion for electronic music; a genre that is still developing and is becoming bigger and bigger. “The rhythms, beats and energy are a big inspiration for the way I create moves.”

Anne & ArtBeat Amsterdam

Anne will (among others) participate in the Music Movement Sessions. In these sessions she will apply her expertise, vision and style to develop a new workshop-concept.

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Lucinda Wessels

{The moment you press play something has to happen, music is the key to movement}

Choreographer / Teacher / Dancer / DJ


Lucinda is originally from Hoorn. She graduated at the ROC of Amsterdam. She has worked among others as choreographer (So You Think You Can Dance) and as a dancer (The Ultimate Dance Battle in 2011, Dance Dance Dance 2015). At the moment she teaches and dances for BLAZE. Next to her dance career Lucinda also has a passion for music, she regularly performs as a DJ.

Vision & Style

For Lucinda it’s important to be energetic, show emotion and to carry out a sense of compassion in her movements. “Each time I dance I show a certain struggle, taking you to an outcome. In some moves you show that you are in control, in other moves you lose control. I show the duality between these opponents.” This duality also shows in her personal style through the contrast between commercial and non-commercial dance. “I like to switch from the ‘entertaining’ and ‘in-your-face’ factor that commercial styles have to the calm and minimalistic character of contemporary of non-commercial dance styles.”

In Lucinda’s musical style there are also two different styles to be heard. “When it comes to playing music I can be very playful and accessible, I love to play familiar songs and I look for music with an element of surprise.” Next to the use of songs with a traditional structure she also loves music that takes you on a journey. “Next to the music I play for those who just want to party I also have a style which you listen to from start to end, it tells a story. You notice that in a certain mix tape every sound is connected.”


In her dances Lucinda’s mainly takes inspiration from the music itself. “The moment you press play something has to happen, music is the key to movement.” Emotions are the second source of inspiration. “A movement can start with something really small like breathing or your heartbeat. Every emotion, fear or love, happiness or frustration all have an own rhythm. Each rhythm brings new movements.”

Lucinda & ArtBeat Amsterdam

Lucinda believes the strength of the ARTBEAT-team lies within the appreciation for music and movement that each team member has. “We are all on the same level which makes it possible that all of our movements will come together, despite our different bodies. We all have the same intentions. We do not intend to impose our opinions on people; we embrace changes and other perspectives. Because even for us this is all an exciting adventure.”

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Cagdas Gülum

{Inspiration is formed out of the unknown and the known, the unreachable and the reachable, the invisible and the visible, out of all and nothing…}

Creative Artist / Choreographer / Dancer


Cagdas Gulum was born on January 28th 1988 in Zaandam. For most people he is known by the name ‘Caggie’. The Dutch audience mostly knows him for his participation as one of the finalists on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in 2010. In the years after his participation on the show he has made various dance productions for among others ‘CaDance’ and different workshops through the Netherlands. Nevertheless, what he does will not define who Caggie is: “Who I truly am entirely depends on the moment!”

Vision & Style

Caggie’s personal style and vision, just like who he truly is are formed by different factors. Caggie preferably states that he does not have a defining style. “I have ‘no style’, the observer determines my style at that moment.” His vision is also mainly formed through factors that are given in a certain moment. “My vision is unknown and I don’t have any expectations.”


Caggie draws inspiration, among other things, from the people surrounding him. As with his style and vision, inspiration can start at any moment and can therefor also originate from the generality of the people. Next to that he also takes inspiration from more abstract concepts, but most of all from contradicting ideas. “I get my inspiration from the unknown and the known, the unreachable and the reachable, the invisible and the visible, out of all and nothing!”

Cagdas & ArtBeat Amsterdam

Caggie will first of all be part of the Music Movement Sessions. His function in this team mainly consists of complimenting, moving and creating of concepts as well as ideas and dance. Next to that Caggie hopes to have a positive influence on the development of ArtBeat and its team. “ I want to support in every way possible; Creative and business-like but also on a friendly level. But I also hope to develop myself on a personal and creative level.” Finally he wants to stimulate the creative spirit of the company with his presence.

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